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Photos and pictures of Exmoor by Jerry Beggs

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1. Exmoor Landscape Photos
photo of Exmoor beech trees  photo of brendon two gates  photo of old building  photo of dunster  photo of porlock bay sunset  photo of river barle  photo of lone sheep on brendon common

photo of the danes brook river on exmoor  photo of tree shadows  photo of wooden footbridge  photo of woodland floor  photo of beech trees  photo of wimbleball reservoir  photo from bats castle

photo of dunster deer park  photo of nutcombe bottom woodland  photo of double headed steam train  photo of wimbleball dam  photo of willow fisherman  photo of somerset countryside

2. Exmoor Pony Pictures

photo of exmoor pony and foal  photo of exmoor pony on punchbowl  photo of exmoor pony  photo of exmoor pony and view across devon countryside  photo of exmoor ponies at dusk photo of exmoor pony at gate

3. Golden Horseshoe Photos 2010: 15 mile pleasure ride & run

photo of cross country run on exmoor  photo of exmoor pony being weighed  photo of water station  photo of 2 cross country horses  photo of 3 cross country horses

4. Golden Horseshoe photos 2010: Endurance Event: 2-day rides totalling 80km or 160km


Complete set of Golden Horseshoe 2010 photographs are here...

5. Exmoor General photographs

photo of two exmoor lambs 

6. Exmoor Flora & Fauna photos

photo of red campion  photo of foxgloves  photo of primroses  photo of Field Edge  photo of Ramsons (Allium Ursinum) 

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