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Living on Exmoor
Author: Hope Bourne

Described as the most significant book to appear about Exmoor since Fortescue's Story of a Red Deer, this is an acute reminder of the fragility of rural life and the environment and a fascinating portrait of the Exmoor landscape and the way of life of its people.
Hope Bourne was born in Oxford in 1918 but brought up at Hartland in North Devon. She lived on Exmoor for some 60 years, for two decades in a caravan at Ferny Ball near Withypool. Growing or shooting her own food, she earned her living as a writer, publishing four books in her lifetime as well as pamphlets and a regular newspaper column. In later life three television documentaries about her life brought her to the attention of an even wider public. When too old to live in her caravan she moved to a small bungalow in Withypool. The whatsonexmoor editor supplied her with jerrycans of drinking water every week, straight from the spring on his land above Withypool, as she could not tolerate the "chemical water" her taps produced in the bungalow.  Hope was to be seen at all the country fairs on Exmoor right up to her death in 2010, a few days short of her 92nd birthday.  She is greatly missed and will be long-remembered.

Other Books by Hope Bourne
Wild Harvest - Hardback, 144 pages with many illustrations by the author. Hope gives us a welcome reminder of what the countryside is really about - survival.

A Moorland Year - Hardback, 144 pages with many illustrations by the author. Hope takes us through the seasons with impressions of the countryside she lived in.  Many consider this her best book.

Exmoor: The Official National Park Guide [Paperback]
Author and Photographer: Brian Pearce

The author lived and worked in The Exmoor National Park, and was well known and respected across the Moor, both as both an author and photographer.  His photos continue to grace many quality publications and adverts.
Review from an Amazon customer: 
"The writing is just outside the easy-reading, but is still very readable and interesting, but obviously it is written from the 'national park point of view': they expect the reader to be interested in learning a bit about the park. I have visited sites in Exmoor before and done some walks, and based on that experience, I find the selection of places to go and the quality of the sites that are photographed amazing. The writer is obviously very well known with the area. Thoroughly recommended."
Exmoor Food and Cookery - A Moorland Heritage [Hardback]
Author: Brian Pearce with Heather Burnett Wells, 2000, Exmoor Books

Exmoor food and cookery over the centuries to the present day.  Recipes, reminiscences and stories collected from local people.  Over 300 pages, many with beautiful photographs.  The cookery was checked and prepared by Heather, for photographing by Brian.
Available locally from many Exmoor bookshops.
Enjoying Exmoor, Hilary Binding, 1999, Exmoor Books
Exmoor - 40 Years On, Hilary Binding, 1994,  Exmoor Books
The Changing Face of Exmoor, Hilary Binding, 1995,  'A good introduction to Exmoor's landscape'
Available locally
Available locally
Available locally
The Essence of Exmoor, Victor Bonham-Carter, 1991, Exmoor Books The Essence of Exmoor

The Field Archaeology of Exmoor [Paperback]
Authors: Hazel Riley, Robert Wilson North
Illustrator: Jane Brayne
An archaeological and landscape field study of Exmoor from prehistoric times to the 20th century. The book provides a narrative history and interpretation of the changing landscape of Exmoor, examining the land's uses through various field techniques, such as the recording of standing buildings.
Ancient Exmoor
Author: H. Eardley-Wilmot, 1983, 
Introduction to aspects of Exmoor's oldest archaeological sites'
Ancient Exmoor (Microstudies)
The Reclamation of Exmoor Forest, 
Authors: C.S Orwin & R. Sellick,1970
'A history of the 19th century agricultural improvement of the Royal Forest'
Reclamation of Exmoor Forest
A History of The Forest of Exmoor
Author: E.T.MacDermot, 1973  
'An historical account of the medieval and later history of the Royal Forest'
History of the Forest of Exmoor
Exmoor Geology: Exploring the Landscapes, Rocks and Mines of the National Park [Paperback]
Author: R. A. Edwards, 2000, Useful accounts of iron mining
Exmoor Geology
The Lynmouth Flood Disaster
Author: Eric Delderfield  [Paperback] 160 pages
Tarka The Otter
Author: Henry Williamson  [Paperback, Puffin Modern Classics]

The classic story of an otter living in the Devonshire countryside which captures the feel of life in the wild as seen through the otter's own eyes. 
The Book Of Simple Delights
Author: Walter Raymond, 1906  [Hardback, 292 pages]
'About his cottage, Raymonds Cottage, in Withypool'  - a classic
A Wild Life on Exmoor
Author: Johnny Kingdom  [Paperback, 352 pages]

One time poacher and wild man, Johnny Kingdom describes his life in North Devon and Exmoor and how an appalling accident led to him becoming a renowned wildlife film maker,  eventually leading to his own TV series.  His passion for wildlife (especially badgers) and his enthusiasm make this book irrisistable.

Other books by Johnny Kingdom:
Bambi and Me        Johnny Kingdom's West Country Tales
Perfect Exmoor  [Hardcover, 144 pages]
Author: Neville Stannik
144 Pages of stunning photographs by this talented photographer
A Year on Exmoor [Hardcover, 112 pages]
Author: Adam Burton
Adam Burton's spectacular photographs document Exmoor's changes through the seasons, from frosty valleys in pastel hues to deep wooded combes bursting with bluebells, from secluded bays and soaring cliff headlands to dazzling autumn displays of folliage, bracken and heather.